1993 BMW 325 IS For Race car or Parts. 

5 speed manual, 117K miles.  Runs and drives fine, has a little bit of lifter noise but works well.  We used the interior in another car, an M3 that was a theft recovery and the thieves had stolen the interior.  We had intended to use this car for a little SCCA racing but too many other projects took precedence and this car just sits.  We installed a racing seat with harness that is included as shown.  All of the body parts are useable for a repairable with the exception of the hood as it has been pinned and has some minor damage, we used the original hood from this car on another as it was pristine.  This car is sold with a bill of sale only as the state of Wisconsin marked the original title junk and declines to issue another.  $2000  Call Craig Olson 952 935 8112

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