1968 Chevy Camaro

A true survivor Camaro, original paint and solid foundation
for a restomod.  6 cyl 3 speed, runs and drives, we just drove it to the shop from the barn it had been stored in for the last few years.  Originally from the Seattle area, brought to Minnesota a number of years ago and put into storage for future restoration.  All of the trim with the exception of the wheel openings is useable.  Look at the pinchwelds and the pans, original spatter paint in the trunk, shock towers etc.  An ambitious metal man could save nearly all of the skins, repops are cheap but this is original iron!  Can be lot driven but has no current registration, must be trailered.  Has clear Washington title.  It's a real rarity to find an un-molested survivor like this.  Call Jeff Olson 952 935 8112

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