2005 Cadillac CTS-V repairable.

Certainly one of the Sweetest HOT ROD luxury cars available, LS6 V8 with the Tremec 6 speed.

Runs like new, 23K miles.

Loaded of course with NAV, Heated seats, sun-roof, as well as all of the typical Cadillac amenities.

This car was hit in the right front, square on the wheel, driving the wheel into the bottom of the A-pillar.

The main frame rails are fine, we pulled the strut tower into position enough to get a new complete

knee assembly installed and get it back on all 4 wheels.  The pictures show the left rear wheel looking out of alignment, we have since replaced the bent tie rod and it is sitting straight.  Has a TX salvage title.  Lot drives.

$10.8K with the new knee assembly.  Call Jeff Olson 952 935 8112 

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