2000 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, E-Z repairable

This is a nice lightly damaged Z28 that lot drives.  Nice low mileage (58k).   Black with black leather, It is loaded with CD, Power seats, traction control,  T-Tops and more!  Damaged just ahead of the left cowl / A-pillar area, no serious damage to the pillar itself, just rolled the edge of the rocker up and flattened the upper outside rail a bit, the hood is OK and the door hinge area is un-damaged.   Air bags are not deployed.   We will include a new fender and a used A-pillar section for the rocker chunk.  We will also include a new upper outside rail and a good used left rocker cover / ground effect .   Has an IL salvage title (rebuildable).

Call Jeff Olson 952 935 8112

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